Sell Price and If conditional

Hi, do you know why this doesn't work? Is it not possible to use if condition to define SellPrice?

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That being said, your code is incorrect (syntax).

SellPrice = IIf(exitSignal, Open, StopLoss);// SellPrice is type array

Also see

BUT since you try to create stoploss you should actually use ApplyStop function.

Sell = Ref(exitSignal, -1);
SellPrice = Open;

stop_amount = 10;
ApplyStop(stopTypeLoss, stopModePoint, stop_amount, exitatstop = 1);

Thank you fxshrat ! Sorry for the picture. I would like to use Applystop function but I need to use a variable stoploss and also a backtest regular raw mode ...but variable SL is not suppored in BacktestRegularRaw mode. Do you know how to deal with that situation? Should I use low level CBT?