Send Alert to telegram

Good evening,
Firstly i already testing code with


But always open browser during run alert.

Secondly i tried with syntax internetopenURL. Its looks good, like this

_SECTION_BEGIN("Telegram Alerts");

TelegramAlerts = ParamTrigger("Telegram Alert","Send Alert");
TelegramAPI_ID = ParamStr("Telegram Bot API Key","xxxxxxxxx:yyyyyyyyy"); 
TelegramCHANNEL_ID = ParamStr("Telegram Channel ID","-zzzzzzz");

Message = " BUY: " +  "-" + Name();

URL = ""+TelegramAPI_ID+"/sendMessage?chat_id="+TelegramCHANNEL_ID+"&text="+Message;

if (TelegramAlerts)
ih = InternetOpenURL(URL);
 if (ih)
          printf("Your URL is bad !");

I interest with second method, but i dont know where is i put the buy/sell criteria?

Please help me...

Thank in advance


Your post is duplicate. The same thing is covered already in number of post on this forum:

Thank you sir.
Unfortunately i can't find solution write buy/sell signal for alert send to telegram with second method.

Need your help sir
Thank in advance

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