SendEmail function with Google

does this mean Sendemail function will not work with google accounts after May?

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Ask Google - they are switching off the service, not us. Or... switch email provider to someone who has some clue about the world that does not end with Google services.

Thanks Tomaz, great point!

Can you suggest an email provider that sendemail would work with easily?

Your own ISP is the easiest solution.

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You can ask Google for that too:

The date has come and google email no longer works, but I am unable to locate any email providers that are allowing smtp relay or at least ones that I can get to work. Could someone please provide any suggestions.


May be the above will help you. Good luck


Specifically here is what to do.

log in to your google account In Google Security "Less Secure Apps" turn OFF. Enable 2-Step authentication. Search for "App Passwords", and under "Select app" select "other" then under device type "Amibroker" without the quotes, then press "Generate" button. This produces a 16-digit passcode that is then used in Amibroker in place of your Gmail account password.

smtp =
port = 465


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