Sequencing Multiple Batches into one process

I'm looking to sequence multiple batch files (modules) so that after one batch file ends the next one in the sequence begins.

So far I have tried using shell execute on multiple analysis files and running them via a batch file as follows.

ShellExecute( "runbatch", "C:\\Program Files\\AmiBroker\\Formulas\\^^^ MINIMALISED ^^^\\^^ Batch ^^\\^ Equity Comps Only ^.abb", "" );

However, the issue is that multiple batches end up running at the same time as the analysis that starts the initial batch finishes instantly and then begins the next batch while the previous one is still running.

It would be too time costly for me to create a single batch with all the APX as I'm using a version before 6.3.5 hence I cannot copy and paste the highly numerous amount of APX files.

Any solutions or ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou

The purpose of batch is to create entire sequence to be executed. So you should really put everything in ONE batch instead of trying to circumvent the system. Batches are not meant to be serially dependent. The only way to sequence BATCHES, is to use scheduler with start times distant enough. No other option.

Versions 6.35 and higher support copy paste in batches, so I don't get why I don't deserve compensation for my hard work and be paid for the upgrade.
You guys need to realize that with no sales, there will be no new software.


My apologies Tomasz, I meant in no way to undermine/bypass your work on the program. I was just curious as I could not find any other forum post or article to see if it was possible with multiple batches. This post should serve as an indication for users that seek the same question.

Thanks for the reply. As a customer, it is great to have the speedy customer service/assistance you provide. I do eventually plan to upgrade, it's difficult to find an immediate reason to upgrade since the program is so feature-rich.

Your service and help on the forums hold great value in my eyes, often more than an upgrade. Just a personal thought but maybe a forum membership costing 1-3$ a month for expired members (beyond registration cutoff). Could provide a monetary reward for your time as well as for future software.

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