Set Account Code Problem

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Hi I have try to set the place order with Tomasz's method,

		ibc = GetTradingInterface("IB");
		AccountNo = "Uxxxxx12";
          bID = ibc.PlaceOrder( ticker, "Buy", entrysize, "MKT", 0, 0, "Day", 
true, TradeTickSize, "outsideRTH" , "", "", "", "", "Uxxxxx12" );

but still got

When I have only one account I dun set any account info, it can auto trade properly.
How to solve the problem?

Many Thanks!

You should pass account in PlaceOrder() call only. There is no need for SetAccount if you are passing PlaceOrder with account.

Also the error message says INVALID account code, which means that the account you gave was invalid.

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HI there,

I have the exact same problem and the account given is the correct account code and still it says invalid account code. I have two accounts with IB. But I was still able to trade.



All those errors are generated by Traders Workstation, NOT AmiBroker.
You should complain to IB and they should explain why you get those errors.

AmiBroker does NOTHING, it just passes what you specify to TWS and displays TWS-generated errors back to you. If TWS produces error code it is TWS thing, not AmiBroker.

Interactive Brokers is the proper address of your questions.

IBController is open source, see: AmiBroker / IBController · GitLab There is no PROCESSING inside. It is just passing things back and fourth.

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