Set foreign How can a get a foreign variable?

How can a get a foreign variable?

@nickhere sometimes when there are no responses it is because users do not understand the question. I know I don't. Can you elaborate or give some examples of what you are trying to solve?

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@nickhere, since you posted this request in the plug-ins section, I wonder if your question is actually about how to access foreign data in a plug-in (i.e.are you developing a plug-in?) or simply if you posted your request in the wrong place...

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I kept it too simple. I have a dll plugin. I can set Foreign no problem. The problem is the Foreign variable i need those values. I have a variable for example x= c+ open (my formula is a bit more complicated)
I need to find out what x is in the foreign data. I recently figure out i need to do this in a function and it has to be outside the DLL . It it possible to call the AFLl function I create in the dll ? I know i use the call function in the dll and I tried, but the value it returning are wrong. Now the question is what parameter do i set for a single call function to return the value.
function myentry1()
return a;

call function("myentry1",1,arg);

I cant hard code the function in the dll.
it need to be change from time to time ;

Do you mean inbuilt Foreign function or do you mean custom AFL function?

i need a custom afl funtions