SetBarsRequired function

will ask only general questions in this thread . PLease bear with me .

Question :-

1.In this information paragraph it says afl, script and dll are different things. May I know that are the differences
2. Could understand the usage of the function ( It tells amibroker to display n number of bars in the chart area ) . What is meant by future bars ?
3. Also could someone tell me the syntax ( In the explanatory paragraph , it says -1 ,-1 , but I have seen examples that use (100,0) and in the paragraph itself it says ( -2,-2 ) what does -2 signifies ?

Everything about SetBarsRequired and QuickAFL is described in great detail in the Knowledge Base:
and in the manual

AmiBroker documentation is filled with info but it is concise so you can't skip a word. Precise answers to your questions are in the Knowledge Base article


Thanks , Getting a reply from you is a so warm. I am getting to the links and revert once I am done .

I wrote a simple code
level = high/2 ;

after execution of this code , is there a way where I can see the contents of the array named "level" ? And since i would be using this code on daily chart, the display also has the date shown as well ?

@saurabhk the thread titled How do I debug my formula? covers different methods to do it.
Carefully study the documentation links provided there.

My favorite way to display/inspect calculated arrays values that are used as variables in code, frequently not to be directly plotted, is to use explorations.