Several windows user accounts for running multiple AmiBroker instances

Hello everyone, ( using Amibroker 6.39.1 x64, on windows 10 21H1 )
I am writing here today with the intent to get more information about running multiple instances in different user accounts from windows. Originally I tried running Amibroker in more than one user account because I wanted to have the ability to run more than one OLE "instance" to control several Amibroker instances which is working fine for me in the way I have it running right now which is: in my 2nd and 3rd user account of windows I simply created a windows shortcut to the original installed AmiBroker of my primary windows user account. The main problem with this seems to be that all my chart/pane or chart param settings seem to get lost on my 2nd and 3rd user accounts even though the shortcut is to the original installation. What do I need to do if I want to keep all my settings, panes / charts ( like chartIDs ) and all possible other configurations and settings of my original windows user account installation also in my 2nd and 3rd user accounts ? Is it even possible to access the same installation of AmiBroker and keep all the settings in the other windows user accounts or do I need to install a separate copy in each user account and transfer all the settings by copying all the directory contents from the original installation into the 2nd and 3rd installations ? But then I would have all 3 copies separate and If I change anything anywhere, it would not be changing in the other 2 copies, which is not really what I want. Any advice, help and insights will be much appreciated (:blush:

Explain the GOAL first.

Why do you think you really need complicated setup in first place?

Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

The intention is to use multiple instances of AmiBroker to control with OLE like I wrote before but also wanting to use the same settings in 2nd and 3rd user account as in my main windows user account. And I read in this forum that I need multiple windows user accounts in order to have multiple OLE controls over each AmiBroker instance separately. For example to control 2 or 3 separate databases at the same time via OLE.

This is NOT goal. You are describing the METHOD you want to use, but not the goal. You are talking about tools, I am asking the GOAL.
The goal is "I want to send humans on Mars". The tools "how can I use multiple rockets". You are talking about rockets, but I am asking what do you want to do as a final goal. If we know the goal, it may turn out that you don't need multiple rockets at all.
Why do you need OLE? Database imports can be automated without OLE (using Batch). Why do you need separate databases? Databases can have symbols from multiple markets.

Yes you can use multiple Windows accounts but first thing to answer is if you really want to go that path, because the things you MAY WANT (we don't know the goal still) can be done without OLE.


I am using a data plugin which only pulls data when the active chart in AmiBroker changes

First you should contact plugin vendor to fix their plugin.
If that's not an option, you can still pull data for many symbols automatically from SINGLE running instance if you run Analysis window and "Scan EVERY" option. It may scan for multiple symbols and that way plugin will be queried for data for various symbols.

and also only in the base time interval of the current active database.

That is not an issue, because AmiBroker compresses data on the fly, so plugin really needs only to deliver one interval, all other higher intervals are automagically created by AmiBroker. For example if plugin delivers 1-minute data, ANY N-minute, N-hour, N-day interval will be created on the fly by AmiBroker NO action from you necessary.

Regarding the "Scan Every" I already tried that and it does not work with the plugin. No data is pulled, unfortunatelly. Regarding the higher time intervals I know that AmiBroker does deliver them composed out of the base time interval, however the problem here is the length of history. In 1-min data the plugin pulls only a few months, in 1-hour max 5 years, and only in daily more than that, so for complete analysis I need the different histories of all 3. And also for speed of processing, its better to use the 1-hour or daily for processing intensive calculations on lots of symbols for longer histories.

What data plugin is that?

So is there any way to keep all my settings from main user account installation in the 2 others ? Or do I need separate installations in each of the other windows user account, which are then completely independent ?

You don't need separate installations. Multiple instances can be run from just one install (one path).

but all my param chart settings are not the same when I start the main installation from another windows user account. So not all settings seem to be the same when I start the shortcut to the original installation from another user account ? Do I need to register the installation maybe in the other user account to keep all the settings from my main user account like ( chartID, params, panes, charts etc... ) ?

AmiBroker uses current working directory (aka "Start in" folder). You should check if "START IN" property of shortcut points to exact same location.

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