Shift the plot few bars backwards

I am plotting the stop line with the code below.

Plot(iif(inTrade, stopLossLvl, Null), "IntialStop", colorRed, styleLine+styleThick+styleDashed , Null, Null, Null, 1);

stopLossLvl is known at Buy/short. Is there a way to shift the plot 10 bars before buy/short (inTrade)?

i think you know that to xShift anyPlot is on the seventh parameter of Plot function. Dit you try it?

below is an example

_SECTION_BEGIN("My Flexible charts");
// This code can Shift barsback, invert Chart, and gives more space to High low

ShiftBack=Param("Chart Axis Χ ",0,-70,50,1);
GraphXY =Param("Chart Axis Y  ",0,-30,40,1);  GraphXSpace =-GraphXY ;
if( ParamToggle("Invert Chart ?", "No|Yes" ) ) GraphXSpace =-100;

Plot( C, "", colorDefault, styleCandle,0,0,ShiftBack );
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Thankyou for replying. I should have been clearer. What i need is extending not shifting. I had tried xshift but that, as the name suggests, shifts.

@Jefforey try reviewing this