Short selling STOCKS in USA

Hi, This question is not related to Amibroker!

I wish to know how much margin is needed to short sell STOCKS in USA? For example if i have USD 100K in my account then how much value worth of stocks am i allowed to short sell. I am not talking about futures nor options. I am talking about stocks only. I am NOT talking about day trading. This is for keeping short positions open overnight. Positions would have to be open anywhere from a few days to 3 months. I have searched online and found conflicting information and hence wish to know from a active trader in usa. Is leverage available for short selling in USA? I know that some brokerages offer upto 4X leverage on longs but is anything available for short selling?

@AlgoEnthusiast , all these questions should be directed to your Broker. They will have rules for what is needed and what leverage they will provide.

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