Shorter and Longer Bars

I have increased the bar size ( longer bars ) on the chart using the longer bar icon. Now, I want to get back to the default bar size. Of course, I can reduce the bar size using the shorter bar icon. But I do not remember how many times I pressed the longer bar icon. How do I get back to the default setting for the bar size. Is there a default setting ? I searched the forum and can not find a solution. Thanks.

Quoting from Beginners' charting guide:

Shrinking, expanding and moving Y-axis scale

To move Y-axis scale hover the mouse to Y-axis area (marked with blue color in the picture above) and you will see that cursor changes to up/down arrow. Now you click and drag up/down Y axis and release button when the axis is in the correct position.

To shrink/expand Y-axis scale: press down SHIFT key and click in the Y-axis area, now shrink/expand Y axis scale by moving your mouse up and down. Release the button to finish.

To reset Y-axis scale and position simply double click in the Y-axis area.


It worked. Thank you for the help.

The bar size changed when I tried to draw shapes using this method :

The code I inserted in to the afl is as following:

// custom function definition
function FillSpace( ID1, ID2, color )
// get current chart ID
chartID = GetChartID();

// read the positions of the lines
l1 = Study(ID1, chartID );
l2 = Study(ID2, chartID );

// draw cloud chart
PlotOHLC( l1, l1, l2, l2, "", ColorBlend(color, GetChartBkColor() ), styleCloud|styleNoRescale|styleNoLabel, Null, Null, 0, -1 );

// call function and refer to the assigned study ID's
FillSpace( "L1","L2", colorRed );
FillSpace( "RU","RL", colorBlue )`

When I removed the above code, the bar size was restored to original size.

How can I use the above code with out the bars shrinking in size ?

It clearly indicates, you're using that code from KB on top of some other type of Plot function which is in conflict with the Chart Scale properties.

Before moving further, without any haste please go through the User Guide (Press F1). And please care to take few moments of yours to read these threads:

How to use this site
How do I debug my formula?

Thank you

I will check my code again for any Plot function before this code.

Sure. I will read the suggested material. Thank you very much.