ShortPrice slightly off in trade list

The shorting/covering happens in higher timeframe than periodicity in my AFL. At the end i expand the short/shortprice arrays. The shortprice in tradelist is off by 5 cents.

Periodicity is 60 seconds.

short=timeframeexpand(short, 360);
shortPrice=timeframeexpand(shortprice, 360);
Trace("shortPrice="+shortPrice);// This shows correct value

After backtest the values in trade list and detailed logs has the shortprice off by 5 cents. After timeframeExpand() trace statement shows correct value. But in tradelist and detailed logs the price is off by just 5 cents.

By default prices are subject to checking against bar’s high-low range. You might be passing non tradable price (outside H-L range) and it gets adjusted. Add H and L price to your _Trace


Yes you are absolutely right. thanks.
I use the default expandlast and it marks the signal on the last lower TF bar within the higher TF range. I will now apply some logic to shift the signal to the first bar within the range that falls in the price range. Thanks again tomas.

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