Show Arrows for actual trades all the time. Don't reset every minute

I am working with 1 minute chart.
After doing backtesting I have "showed arrows for actual trades".
Unfortunately with every new bar (every new minute) arrows will disappear and I have to show them again.
Any way to stop this from happening?

Thank you.

The solution is to add PlotShapes into your chart formula. Previous analysis arrows are added to given data set and can't be kept after new data arrive because new data may actually be completely different (sometimes new data does not mean last bar update but entire new backfill).

Thank you @Tomasz
Funnily enough I am showing arrows for actual trades to debug PlotShapes in my formula.
Your explanation totally makes sense, however I hoped that when trading day is over and no data is being updated i could analyze and compare actual trade arrows and the ones I plot.
Thanks again for such swift response.