Show intraday data for selected day in chart

hello every one
I want to have two chart(one show candles on day time and other intraday time).
when i click on every candle of chart(in day time) in another chart show intraday data for selected day. is it possible?
thanks for your help and answer

Hello @ali_5527,

Not really sure if this answers your question, but have a look at "Symbol and Interval Linking" in the "Working with chart sheets and window layouts" tutorial, which can be accessed from the "Contents" tab of the AmiBroker User's Guide ("Help,Help contents" from the AB main menu).

I have multiple charts for the same symbol, and when I click on a bar in the 5-Min chart for example, the corresponding closest bar in each of the other linked charts is also selected.


dear sinecospi,
thanks for your help. its usefull. but a little problem:
when i click on candle on daily timeframe in 1min timeframe the corresponding closest bar selected but i have to scroll left or right to find that area . is it possible that automate zoom on that area in 1 min time frame?

Yes, I also have the same experience - how I deal with it is, to select a bar on a higher timeframe, eg 15-min, and then when I switch to the 1-min chart, press the arrow keys on the keyboard (rather than the mouse) to get the selected bar in view.

Or, if you're working on 1-min chart, and want to switch to another chart that has a different timeframe, do the same as above - press arrow keys first, then use mouse (if necessary).

Automating it is probably a feature request.

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thank you very much dear sinecospi :kissing_heart: