Showing two time frame candle in a single chart

Dear all, is it possible to create two time frame candle in a single chart .

Hi @babupan,
You may want to look at this answer:

I know , but I am asking for some different type , let assume in a single chart I am selected 15 min time frame candle and another 5 min time frame candle , now it will show as 15 min big candle which consist 3 low time frame candle in it

15 min on 5 min

i am asking for this type , i have the code but sometime showing blank.

Strange things are happening on the forum.

Yesterday one user - @fourier offered another user help by providing him with a 3 line code containing at least 3 errors - among them non-existent (in AFL) functions. I must admit - I have never seen such creative approach :wink: He could easily spot these errors in AFL editor. When he was asked why he didn’t do that and why he suggests someone using non-existent functions he didn’t reply. Here’s the thread: Need Volume Breakout Pop-up AFL Code

Today another user - @babupan asks:

… and a couple of hours later writes:

Mr manas kumar pan (@babupan) I congratulate you. It’s a great example of how to make a fool of other users. First you ask if something is possible, then - when you don’t receive appropriate reply (ideally containing custom made code according to your needs) you write that actually you have such code :bangbang: What’s more - you expect someone to write the code for you from scratch because even after “comming out” you don’t think it would be helpful if you pasted the code that you already have…

But I can help you anyway. You ask in your first post if it’s possible to create two time frame candle in a single chart? My answer is: yes it is possible. If you need proof, take a look at the screenshot in your third post.

And one more thing - don’t forget to mark this issue as Solved :wink:

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@Milosz, probably he refers to an interesting piece of code that is in the AFL library (for registered users), but that was posted also elsewhere.

_SECTION_BEGIN( "2 Timeframes Candlestick Bar Chart" );
// By Jorgen Wallgren - Added to the AFL library  	2009-07-07 02:27:u5408:
// ..... 

In the comments section, there is a note by Kevin to make it more flexible.
It uses some Gfx functionality that probably could be rewritten in a more efficient way nowadays using GfxSetCoordsMode( mode ) but, except for some minor quirks, seems to work well enough for me anyway.

@beppe, I don’t know to which code he refers, because he didn’t mention it. In his first post he asked if it is possible to create (in AFL) some specific code and six hours later, he posted the screenshot and wrote, that he has such code. I quote:

In my opinion it is making fool of other users. If he has such code, he should have pasted it and asked what’s wrong with it. Instead he was pretending that he doesn’t have the code and he even doesn’t know if it is possible to code it in AFL.

Imagine that you have spent some time, coding this solution, only to find out, that it is not what he wants, because he actually has something better. What’s more - he doesn’t want to share his code :wink:

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Dear Milosz , I think you are not good reader , i have already written that i have the code showing blank sometimes , then it is creating your problem , don’t know what you want to say.
now leave the matter here , my problem already solved , actually it was creating blank space at the time of live market .

Thanks Tomasz for such a great software


@babupan. I think Milosz was just trying to point out that you could help others, with the same or a similar issue, if you posted the code that you have working (or at least partially working).

If you paste the code, and it was not your creation, then please give credit to the original creator, or reference the source.

And, as always, when pasting code, use the CODE BLOCKS to keep proper formatting.