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Hi, I'm nubie in AFL world and I need to filter which stocks are in sideways condition for certain period, Form where should I start to make that AFL?
Thankyou everyone

It's a quite broad question. You need to do some research and identify what you mean by sideways. You can use indicator or price range or percentage range. You need to be more specific on that.


here is a good start to build on.

Filter=ADX(14)< 25;


You can start with Bollinger squeeze.


Thank you all.

That would give you an idea for the last 20 day's....

Not sure what you are looking for, what time period, and what you think "sideway's" is.

For me... I would probably use a ROC / ATR combination. ROC will tell you how much the price has changed over a certain period. The ATR will tell you what kind of up and down ride it was...

You could also use multiple ROC's for several periods.

I had not heard of "Bollinger squeeze" but that also sounds interesting. The tighter the Bollinger bands, the more sideway's a stock is moving...

There are many way's to answer your question. I would start with looking at some indicators, see what indicator appears to be doing what you are looking for, and then convert that into AFL.


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@benydaton I agree with the comments the others have made. You need to be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish. Many good suggestions made already but a version of this has been coded here (and you can substitute ADX or ATR etc, for price, if looking for a consolidation in those indicators. Suggest reading the underlying article the code was based upon).


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