Simple Accumulation Distribution Oscillator

Dear All,

I am new to the Amibroker/AFL and trying a very simple AD Oscillator. However, I am not getting any results. Please advise?

AD_DAYS = Param("AD DAYS",20,1,50,1);
AD_PER = Sum((Close-Open)/(High-Low)*Volume,AD_DAYS)/Sum(Volume,AD_DAYS);
mycolorAD =IIf  (AD_PER<0,ColorRGB(252,255,200) , IIf( AD_PER>0,ColorRGB(252,255,0),ColorRGB(125,84,11)));
Plot(AD_PER,"AD%",mycolorAD ,styleHistogram);
GfxTextOut("AD[ "+AD_DAYS+" ]"+" = "+NumToStr(AD_PER,1.2),07, 14); 
Title = " ";


Check your data fields in quote editor


If you have Volume being zero

Then result will be Empty (Null).

Thanks, @fxshrat, for your prompt response and suggestion. I have checked the data field and it does have values. Please find the screenshot. Also, I tried changing the time-window from Daily to Weekly. The chart does work with weekly but not daily. Please advise?
2020-11-a 2020-11-b

if High and Low become equal then it may result in division by zero.

AD_DAYS = Param("AD DAYS",20,1,50,1);
AD_PER = Sum((Close-Open)/(High-Low+1e-9)*Volume,AD_DAYS)/Sum(Volume,AD_DAYS);

or use new function SafeDivide of AmiBroker 6.35

AD_DAYS = Param("AD DAYS",20,1,50,1);
AD_PER = Sum(Safedivide(C-O,H-L)*V,AD_DAYS)/Sum(V,AD_DAYS);

Thanks, @fxshrat for your help. You are a STAR.
Both of your suggestions worked. I learn a lot more from your style of suggesting elegant code to solve the problem.


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