Simple alert if price cross trendline or horizontal line (NO AFL)

Hi, I am sure not everyone here full quantitative traders.

On many occasions, I just want to make a simple alert, if ticker ABCD crosses a trendline or if price ticker ABCD > 1000, then make an alert in windows or send an email.

Is there any possibility to do that without using AFL? I know we can use AlertIf function to make an alert, but I am asking for a simpler one (that I can create directly from the chart - only for the symbol that is currently active in the chart- like the one we have in Tradingview).

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Yes, there are Easy Alerts for that purpose:

I am sorry Tomasz for this silly question but I have spent days looking for this easy alert windows and still cannot figure out how to display such a window. Can you please how to display it?

Finally got it. It's quite hidden. Go To Window > Realtime Quote and from the Realtime Quote window, right-click and you will see an easy alert.


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