Site introduction

I'm looking for a site. a forum in the internet that be the best place for discussions about technical analysis. somewhere to find and speak with some (talented and expert) friends there, about some deep thoughts in the technical analysis. about the main ideas, basics, origins and philosophy which lies before technical tools like MACD,RSI, Head_and_shoulder, etc... about that what happens when volumes falls when the price goes up and etc...
do anybody know somewhere which can be a help for me? (some forum or even some book) (I don't think here has this ability or potential. does it?)

@mhjamibroker I cannot recommend any forum for a deep discussion of TA, but for sure, if you want to learn more about many indicators, their creators, their formulas and how they are supposed to be used a good starting point is the Chart School.

Re books there are so many ones that it is difficult to choose one.
This short list includes many of the most frequently cited books for discretionary traders.

On the other hand, if you want to approach it statistically, you may take a look at "Evidence-based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals" by David R. Aronson ( ISBN-13: 978-0470008744).

It is the kind of book that elicits strongly divided reviews: for sure it is quite longwinded (with about a hundred pages about psychological biases) and frequently repetitive, but in the end, it could give you some new ideas on how to approach TA verifying personally how reliable/valuable are some commonly taught rules.