Slow EOD explores on mixed database

I have created a mixed database via IQFEED with a lot of data (5 minute data going back a few years) + 20 years of EOD data. I am testing some end of day scans for patterns, etc. and it’s much slower then similar scans when I have a different database with just EOD data. To me this makes sense because there is so much more data to go through. Question is - is there any way using one database to speed up the EOD scans.i.e. telling the system to essentially ignore the intraday data. Or would I be better off having two databases; one that has all my intraday data and one that has just EOD data?


for detailed discussion on performance.

Besides take a look at my two posts in which I write about things that made my indicators/explorations light and fast. You might find it useful. There are many ways of improving performance:

Performance tuning tips