SMS Alert Component

Please let me know the functionality or component to get SMS for alert created by AFL.

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You need to find Emal-to-SMS gateway and use email alerts. Or HTTP to SMS gateway that works with your local mobile operator and use InternetOpenURL function.

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Thanks for input for SMS EMAIL Linkage

Hi, instead of SMS I use Telegram bot, for example

hURL	= InternetOpenURL(""+Text);


Thanks a lot. I will test this functionality/

So, to get the telegram alerts---- Amibroker has to be live on our personal computer or can we run the Ami instance on a VPS server to get uninterrupted alerts ?

I have a separate computer at home only for trading, with Amibroker + TWS. VPS I haven't try yet

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what is TWS and how it works?

I am from India. Can you explain it briefly, please.

TWS is trading platform of US broker "Interactive Brokers".

Can I get the working code to send alerts through telegram with any dummy strategy (in case you do not want to disclose your strategy), please ?

@santy, you already have the working code.

You need to make sure you understand what that means. Your research. Your Effort. If you can't get it working, show what you have and then ask for specific help.


You got the code in a post above (by @snoopy.pa30)

hi @axweye,
I tried this code but I got this error
Can you please help to take a look?
I am using amibroker 5.70 rc1. Not sure it affects or not.

@roberttv92, the "Internet" functions were introduced in version 6.17, so there is no way to use them in version 5.70.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.17.0 (as compared to 6.16.0)

- AFL: new function InternetClose( handle )
- AFL: new function InternetOpenURL( "url" )
- AFL: new function InternetReadString( handle ) - read a string (line) from internet resource

Since then, there were some additcions and improvements and recently a new function was released:

It's time to upgrade!


Dear Sir,

Excuse me, can anyone help me to see this, automatic send text + csv screenshot (chart amibroker) correctly? . Thank You.

url = InternetOpenURL( "" + Token + "/sendMessage?chat_id=" + Chat_Id + "&cvs" + "&text=" + AlertMsg + " " + remarks );

"&cvs" : I input this coding to display screenshots chart to the telegram, just can't. Someone can help me. Thanks you

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example like thisPray%20Bot%20Screenshot%20%20%20text

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are you making sure that the URL is correctly encoded as required. I can see you are passing a space that needs to be encoded as %20 and so on.
search for HTML URL encoding.

sorry Sir, it's correct. And only text appears, screenshots cannot appear. Please help me. Thank you

@Batupermata, this is NOT directly related to AmiBroker.

Before posting here, you should search the solution elsewhere (and then, if possible, integrate it in your formulas):


Thank you for your help and advice, I have been searching and studying for months. But it still can't. May the Lord open the way. Thanks you

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