Some 6.00 Std to 6.30 Professional x64 upgrade issues

Generally, the new version seemed to install ok, but:

  1. All the Watchlists are lost/were cleared out. In 6.00, I had renamed and linked the first 5 watchlists to ticker lists and they are now gone and the names reset to List 0 to List 5. Not a huge issue, but inconvenient.

  2. Trying to select the Report Explorer gives the error/message "C:\Program Files\Amibroker\Reports\Results.rlst contains an invalid path". Need to resolve this one.

Also, initially had an error trying to change the current AFL. Said it couldn't find it. It was looking in C:\Program Files (x86)\Amibroker which is probably from version 6.00. But somehow it seemed to fix itself.

Following up the question above, there are now 2 sets of folders on my PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker - from 6.00 Std
C:\Program Files\AmiBroker - from 6.30 Prof x64

I really only want one set. Is there some type of file migration utility/feature or do these need to be copied manually or ...?

(note I did not start a new thread ... :wink:)

You have downloaded and installed 64 bit AmiBroker 6.30. Download and install AmiBroker 6.30 32 bit. Your previous version is AmiBroker 6.00 32-bit in C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker.
Check out version differences

I appreciate the post, but the statements of fact I knew and wrote in my post.

I specifically installed the 6.30 x64 because I want the faster backtest speed.

Is installing 6.30 32 bit what Tomasz will say to do? Will that leave me with 2 sets of folders and 2 installed versions? Will the 64x version look into the 32 bit folders where all the legacy work exists after installing 6.30 32 bit?

Did you backup the AB folder before upgrade ?
I assume you selected Upgrade and not Full installation ?

Watchlists lost/cleared out is unlikely because those are Flat files in the DB folder. I never come across this one.
Check that the Location of the Previous DB is correctly loaded, AB now create a Database main folder as well.

Which set do you want? 32 or 64bit ?

64bit is significantly upgraded over the 32bit one, you can check the DevLog but unless your bound by 32bit ONLY DLLs from data vendor etc, you shouldn't have a problem using it.

You have mentioned upgrade issues in first post but haven't mentioned preference of 64-bit AmiBroker.

64-bit and 32-bit are independent installations.

Your previous version is 6.00 32-bit.
If you want to use same bitness then install 6.30 32 bit using upgrade mode.

If you want to use 6.30 64-bit and want to use same data base then install 64-bit version in full mode, delete database folder named Data of C:\Program Files\AmiBroker and copy database folder named Data from C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker to C:\Program Files\AmiBroker after installation. Start AmiBroker.

If you want to have same settings as in 32-bit then check out this page again


We have put a lot of effort into making files compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so at the moment all formulas (AFL), project files (APX), all binary databases, layouts, watch lists are all 100% binary compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit versions, as long as they are smaller than 4GB. The only exception are DLLs (plugins) which are different for 32-bit and 64-bit as mentioned above.

Check out this page about compatible data files. Shut down AmiBroker 64-bit before copying to 64-bit installation


  • Data - default database folder, contains broker.master, broker.workspace , 0-9, A-Z, '_' symbol data subfolders and Layouts subfolder. Read this to learn more about AmiBroker database concepts.

  • broker.master - binary data file containing the table of all symbols available in the database. Used for quick loading of symbols. The table of symbols includes information about assignments of symbols to categories (markets, groups, sectors, industries, watch lists, indices and favorites). If you delete this file AmiBroker will re-create it because this information is available also in the individual symbol data files.

  • broker.workspace - binary data file containing the information about the database settings (interval, data source used, etc), category names, global advance/decline data, etc. If you delete this file you will lost database settings and category names will be reset to defaults.

  • *default.awl, .awl - Amibroker Workspace layout files. Text files that contain the information about the layouts and chart sheets. The default.awl file stored in "Layouts" subfolder inside database folder contains default LOCAL layout for this database. The default.awl file stored in "Layouts" subfolder of AmiBroker main directory contains default GLOBAL layout (used when there is no local layout present). If you delete this file then default layout will be generated based on default.layout file that is supplied with AmiBroker.

  • broker.newcharts - binary file containing references between chart layouts and formula files used. If you delete it you will see "formula file empty or can not be found" in your charts because reference between chart ID and formula is lost. You will NOT however lose your formulas because formulas are separate. You will be able to reinsert them into your charts.

  • broker.layers - text file that contains information about chart layers. If you delete this file layers will be reset to factory defaults.

  • broker.groups,, broker.sectors, - text files that contain default names for groups, markets, sectors and industries. Used only at the database creation time. Later this information is stored per-database in broker.workspace file. If you delete them, AmiBroker will default to group n , market n , sector n , industry n names, where n is 1...256

  • broker.prefs - binary file that contains user preference settings (available from Tools->Preferences). If you delete this file AmiBroker will reset to factory default settings

  • broker.params - text file that contains persistent information about user-defined indicator parameters.

In-place upgrade works perfectly with NO issues at all as long as you upgrade the SAME bitness version (32-bit upgrading to 32-bit).
If you installed different version (64-bit while previously using 32-bit) and want to keep your OLD stuff (such as watch lists) you have to COPY things manually.

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Thank you for your post, but your original post was after the second part of my original post where it was clear that I installed the 64 bit version. I would not have installed the 64 bit version if I wanted the 32 bit version.

Copying the Data folder would help with the watchlists but would not help with Formulas or Reports.

There is no Upgrade or Full installation options when installing the 64 bit version.

You can copy the AFL files out of your ...\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom and ...\AmiBroker\Formulas\Report Charts folder as well.

Yes, new is 64x. What you call OLD is many years of legacy work. Of course I want to keep it.

The link is a little helpful but moving to a new computer with no previous installation is not the same as moving from one set of folders to another.

I think I want to move all Amibroker subfolders (except Plugins)
from: C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker
to: C:\Program Files\AmiBroker

I think it best to leave files in the base C:\Program Files\AmiBroker folder alone. One certainly doesn't want to overwrite the exe or dll's. I haven't done much with charts. The work I care about is in the Formulas and Reports folders.

First "old" does not mean anything else but stating plain fact that the "old" thing exists longer than "new" thing. Really there is no need to be so oversensitive.

As to migration from 32-bit to 64-bit. There is nothing complicated. The procedure is not different between new or old computer. It is not rocket science. These are just files that you can copy.

You can simply:

  1. COPY entire folder (with all subfolders) from old location to new
  2. Run SETUP program afterwards

This way you don't need to worry about "selectively" copying things. You just copy the whole folder, later you install new thing. This way you get everything you had previously PLUS new software (as it is installed by setup). And don't worry about the fact that you already installed it. Setup can be safely run unlimited number of times. You can up/downgrade all the way you want, any time you want.

Alternatively you can just run setup for 64-bit into old (32-bit) location. Really the name of directory does not matter. 64-bit software can be installed into "C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker" too. It is just the name. The folder does not have some "magic" powers to accept only 32-bit.

Myself, I am NOT using "Program Files" folder at all. I install my programs into separate partition, so it goes to "F:\AmiBroker". And that works perfectly fine too. AmiBroker can be installed anywhere. It does not have any fixed location.

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