Sorting watchlist alphabhetically

hi all
i have lots of watchlists and i keep making watchlists by different filters from various explorations

but it becomes tedious and difficult to find a watchlist as it is not alphabhetically sorted

is there a manual way to sort the watchlists?
or can we do it through any code in the exploration itself

and thanksnin advance

nitin bagadia

Simply right click your watchlist and choose "Sort alphabetically".


EDIT: Your thread title says "Sorting watchlist alphabetically" but then you go on with sorting watchlists.
So you are not really precisely!

If you mean to sort watchlist order of Charts window (instead of sorting WL members) then you would have to sort index.txt file of "\YourDataBase\WatchLists" sub-folder from outside when AmiBroker is closed.

Or go to Symbol Categories and choose move up and move down buttons

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identified that even when i do the sorting manually from within the amibroker, whenever i remake the watchlist from an exploration, the sorting remains

thanks once again

Dear Team,
Sorry for a pull in. Does the Watchlist number change when we make a change in the indext.txt? A few of my explorations worked on different watchlists in batch proceeses, once I shifted the watchlists in index.txt

@pushkan, please, see this past thread.