Source for adjusted MF historical prices?

Like many people I use Norgate for historical stock/ETF prices. But was using AmiQuote to pull in mutual fund prices from Yahoo (Norgate does not provide MF data). With Yahoo not providing div-adjusted prices, has anyone found another option for div-adjusted mutual fund data? (I tried loading from quandl, but looks like that is the same as the Yahoo data).

(apologies if this topic fits better other than under AmiQuote)

You might consider fasttrack. It’s not free, but it does have dividend adjusted MF data.

CSI data (also not free) provides dividend adjusted mutual funds.

“The full range of 20,000+ US mutual funds are provided, complete with adjustments for capital gains and dividends.”

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Following up on this from several months ago: I have been using tiingo (thanks for supporting in Amiquote!), which seems to be working quite well.