Split Adjustment on Aux1 & Aux2

As I understand when I use Amibroker’s UI to do split adjustment and enter the pre > post price then OHLC will be restated based on the ratio. But my question is:

  1. How to restate the volume, because by the same ratio volume also needs to be adjusted.

  2. Aux1 and Aux2 also needs to be restated. Will this also be adjusted?

At the moment Aux1/Aux2 fields are not touched by Edit->Split.

Adjusted fields in quotations array are: OHLC and Volume. Also adjusted are fundamental fields like SharesOut, SharesFloat, EPS figures, SalesPerShare, DividendPerShare, and all other “per share” fundamentals. Also trendline coordinates are adjusted if they happen to begin or end within adjusted range.

  1. So I Know the Split feature will restate the OHLC fields. But will it restate the V and IO also?

  2. is there any workaround to have the Aux1 and Aux2 also restated? I know I can do it on the fly but it will not adjust the data in native DB but only during AFL execution.