Spricht hier jemand deutsch?

Ich brauche Hilfe beim Programmieren eines Indicators, wer kann mir helfen?

I am sorry but this forum is English speaking.

Wiem i rozumiem, chodzi mit o zaprogramowanie jednego wskaznika, ktory byl
opisany w niemieckim artykule. pozdrawiam. Joram

3 wpisy - 3 języki. Ciekawostka :wink:

3 posts - 3 languages. That’s interesting :wink:

I know and understand, it’s a myth about the program pointer, who was described in the German article. Regards. Joram

Moderator comment: This translation (as all automated Google translations) is totally incorrect. Correct translation: “I know but that is not what I am after. I’d like to program the indicator found in one German article”. Translation from Polish requires more CPU power than Google has in all their servers summed together.

I need help in programming a Indicators, who can help me?

I am sorry for my mistake, but I am newbee here and my eglish is not very well. Now, I will write english only. I am looking for somebody who speaks German. I have found in an german article the description of an sentiment indicator. I can not programming it. There is anybody, who can help me? By the way, how can I post the PDF file here?

You can’t upload the PDF directly, but you can save it to a cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive and post the share link to it here.

OK, thx. I will do it. I hope it works.

The one indicator calls „Sentiment-
Hausse“, the other „Sen-

Please don’t post automated Google translations. 1. They are wrong (see my comment above), 2. Everyone interested has Google too.

@Joram please write in English. If you have an article in German, you still need to ask questions in English.

This is english speaking forum and posts in other languages will be removed.

O.K. I will try to write english only now. I am very sorry, but my english ist not well enough for this board.

Maybe it is like this?

Hausse = Sum(C>Ref(C,-1),10);
Baisse = -Sum(C<Ref(C,-1),10);


LongSignal  = Cross(Baisse,-6.99);
ShortSignal = Cross(6.99,Hausse);

Hi Robi, thx for the solution. I’ll try it immediately. Best wishes. Joram from Hungary (back from Spain)

Thx, I think it´s work. :slight_smile:

Great. Hope you arrived well and feet are without blisters.

Hi Joram, Patryk hier melde dich bei mir p.t.radko@gmail.com

Das PDF ist nicht mehr verfügbar