StairCase Chart Type

I am using the below mentioned code.To create StairCase chart.
I would to accomplish 2 more things

Plot( C, "Close", colorTurquoise, styleStaircase )

1)Make the StairCase lines Thicker
2)If possible provide different color for Up and Down Swings

I would appreciate any inputs.

@krisnara, something like:

// Plot( C, "Close", colorTurquoise, styleStaircase | styleThick );
// or
// Plot( C, "Close", colorTurquoise, styleStaircase, Null, Null, 0, 0, -50 ); // change the last value 

colors = iif(C > Ref(C, -1), colorGreen, IIf(C == Ref(C, -1), colorYellow, colorRed));
Plot( C, "Close", colors, styleStaircase | styleThick );

Please, review this manual page to learn more:


Thank you very much !

change the ( Solution mark ) please

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