Start with AmiBroker

Im starting to learn Amibroker. It is not easy… :frowning:

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I remember when I show for first time my paint program to edit few pictures.
So i know how you feel.

After a month or so, I learn how to draw few lines and later on slow slow I play with layers. I was really felt wonderful as I was able to edit my pictures.

Keep going, I never give up. We are here to help.

And you welcome to the AB wonderland


Welcome Edward. Learning to program (or just write decent code) takes time. Learning about investing/trading takes time. Depending on your objectives, it is not “easy” but if you are reasonably intelligent and willing to put in the time, reading, studying, code writing etc. then it is not too “hard”. Hopefully you have some background in either (or both) programming and investing.

You should begin by reading some important beginner posts.

Best of luck.


@Edward, welcome to AmiBroker!

You may mark my words: There is not a single similar software other than AmiBroker available on the market making my ideas/imaginations coming true in a quicker easier way and running it similarly smooth. None, zero, nada! No R, no Python environment, no Ninja, no MC, no Sierra, … either those are too awful to use with tedious workflow or are too limited to make things happen. The whole execution of the tasks I am running is a lot quicker and less error prone in AB. It is like flying. The workflows are more easy going than in compared softwares and code runs at high speed.

The most important thing is there is no other software available which I do trust more than AmiBroker. It simply works at rock solid & precise level. And this is the greatest testimony to Tomasz J. being a very knowledgable and accurately working developer. He is a perfectionist as am I (well, he is more of it).

The thing at your end is that you don’t know how to make use of AmiBroker’s capabilities yet. Once you will know how to get things done you will agree to me about the fact that it is a very smooth-running software. Yes, AmiBroker is a comprehensive software. And that’s a good thing! It is just a matter of gaining knowledge to use its large amount of ingredients. All it takes is knowledge and training to handle it. If you want to drive a sports car on a race track it takes more knowledge and training too compared to driving Grandpa’s 50 years old vehicle being used just to get to the next Walmart.

What is it actually that you are trying to accomplish and have problems with to come to a result?


Hi, I’m new and not good at all this technology. I’m still trying to download and set up my watch list to scan in forex. Any good YouTube videos please
Thanks, marc

@Marcyoung you should read the user guide and for setting up a watch list you can start with this,

There is a youtube video that you asked for here, FREE Amibroker and Trading Systems Video Course

And you are specifically asking about forex (which I can't help you with) but there are some useful links, again the user guide,

And help from power user @fxshrat

And search this forum on both topics as I am sure they have been discussed many times. Good luck!