Static / Dynamic Combination Watchlist

Norgate appears to support both static watchlists, in which all symbols are typed in or selected in some manner, and also dynamic watchlists that allow the user to select criteria that would build the watchlist.

Is there a way to combine them that I am not seeing in their tutorials? For instance, I have about 50 ETFs that I trade. I can create a static list of those. I also like to trade S&P 500 constituent stocks.

So I would like to create a watchlist that includes S&P 500 stocks and my 50 ETFs. And I would like the watchlist to dynamically update so that I do not have to update stocks that may be entering or leaving the S&P 500.


@QEdges, AmiBroker allows you to select multiple watchlists/markets from the Filter Settings dialog.
In many cases this will be sufficient:


Thanks @beppe ! Much appreciated.