Statistical functions of Excel in Amibroker

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I am attempting to work on time series forecast model in Amibroker which I have successfully calculated in MS Excel however I am unable to relate certain statistical function available in MS Excel with Amibroker existing function or how to code it afl.

Such as LINEST, INDEX, and F.DIST.RT, any reference to proceed will be highly helpful.

I am ready to brief if or share the excel template if required.



AmiBroker already provides TSF() function.

Excel Functions AmiBroker Functions

LinRegIntercept - Intercept of linear regression line
LinRegSlope - linear regression slope


BarIndex() - Use ValueWhen() to call or use a loop as and when required. Anything is possible!

StdErr - standard error
StDev - standard deviation

TSF() must fit any kind of Time Series Forecast model that you're trying to develop.

Besides that in regards to LINEST() you may also refer to Edward Pottasch's Least Squares Channel Indicator from member's library for a working example.

And for F.DIST.RT, refer to on how to calculate Chi-Square Distribution (φ it enters all analysis of variance problems via its role in the F-distribution). Then, F Distribution is nothing but ratio of two Chi-Square Distributions.


Thanks @Cougar it's really helpful..

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