Stoch RSI, Stock%K, AFL StochK() StochD() functions

I am proficient in Object Orient & Database programming techniques .. though not so much in Amibroker.

I am programming Amibroker to filter stocks in real time. One of my requirements is to analyze Stoch RSI on a 15 min time frame.


  1. I have looked on the forum & else where on the Internet and found that Stoch %K is the same as Stoch RSI. Amibroker inbuilt function StochK(). Correct me if I am wrong.
  2. I like using to analyze stocks. Its well reputed. The Stoch RSI (15min) for Bandhan Bank for Mar 28 does not match with Amibroker Stoch RSI (Stoch K).
  3. In all likelihood I am missing an important parameter.
  4. The data on both & Amibroker seems to be correct as corroborated by standard RSI & MACD values.
  5. The Stoch RSI values seem to be off.
  6. Need help! Any suggestions, pointers or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  7. One last thing. Could not help this one. So many new features have been added to this forum since my last visit about six months back. Stunning presentation. Absolutely world class. Thank you for giving us a great platform to 'Ask for Help'.

Screenshots ( Vs Amibroker)


That is wrong. The Stochastic of the RSI is not the built in Stochk(). This has been addressed repeatedly on the forum, try a few of these.

Thanks @portfoliobuilder for your fast & knowledgeable post. Also many thanks for publishing usable code. Blessings & Warm Regards.

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