Stochastic basic


I'm a totally newbie apologize please, is this formula correct?

Buy = Cross( StochK(), StochD() ) AND StochK()<25 ;

Sell = Cross( StochD(), StochK() ) AND StochK()>75 ;

Thank you

Before you get ripped to pieces in this forum. Some friendly advice, Id suggest you do more homework and more explaining.

You ask us if the formula is correct? (ignoring the pure logic of the strategy!!) I think it would be better to ask yourself or tell us what results you get when running the formula? But the "formula" as provided is only a small part of the picture.

While we appreciate you are a newbie (but you have been using Amibroker since at least 2017!)

Syntactically, it is correct. You can check it yourself using AFL Formula Editor and pressing "VERIFY" button.

Whenever formula makes sense in trading, that is another story.