Stock data for the 1950 - 1980 period in US

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Just a quick question from a newbie about using Norgate US stock data for 1950 - 1980 period - are there any issues to be aware of for testing and developing strategies? Mainly interested in exploring how the momentum and minimum volatility strategies fared during this period.

A fairly nebulous question but I still decided to ask before purchasing data. Google search or forum search did not bring any useful results pertaining to this period. It would have been great to have historical market capitalisation or shares float, but it looks like these data points are not available.

If there are any additional data sources, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Norgate Data. Best in the business IMHO.

  • 1950 Forward.
  • Corporate Actions.
  • Survivor-ship Bias Free.
  • Seamless Amibroker Integration and Organization.

I second the motion!
Tony R

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