Stooq download range control and download limit violation

Hi Profs,

I find stooq currency quote very comprehensive. However during the download after awhile I found error message
"Przekroczony dzienny limit wywolan"
I dont know the language but my guess is download limit have been violated.
I checked that the successful download was from the very beginning (eg. 1983) although I have specific only a few days in Amiquote 3.2 from to range.

Would appreciate comment/advices from someone with experience dealing with the above.

Many thanks,

“Przekroczony dzienny limit wywolan” - means you have exceeded daily limit of downloads.

Please keep in mind that the service will limit or shut down if everybody starts to overload it. If you are downloading massive amounts of data, please use paid data service like Premium Data.

Stooq site does not have control over download range (always all quotes are returned). Correction: control over download range will be included in 3.21

And it has limits so please do not use it for everyday quote updates. Stooq should be used just once for initial history download. For current updates of US stocks use Yahoo current (Current does not suffer from dividend adjustment problem).

AmiQuote 3.21 is released now so you can use date selections.

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