Storing formula folders in a dropbox

Obviously moving the formula folders to a Dropbox will incur some delays when loading/saving formulas, however this does not happen during normal operation - or does it? Unless you use #Pragma Nocache I suppose.

For a while I’ll be working form different computers at different locations, but never at the same time, and I’d like to be in sync wrt all my formula edits. As mentioned in another post moving the databases to the Dropbox will cause problems - I am not doing that.

Does anyone foresee any problems using the Dropbox for formulas?


I store all my formula files in Dropbox and have never encountered any performance or lag issues. Remember that with Dropbox the files are stored and retrieved locally. The sync to the cloud is completely separate from the saving and retrieval locally, so it is no different from working with files in the default Formulas folder.

In terms of Amibroker settings, you'll need to change the paths under the AFL tab in Tools / Preferences on both machines, to point to the Dropbox folders you're using.


Also remember to close any files one one machine before editing them on a second machine, otherwise Dropbox will handle the conflict by creating a second copy of the file, which can lead to confusion.

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Thank you HelizTrader,

Glad to hear it works for you. Something is bogging down my computer once in awhile and I thought perhaps it had to do with the DropBox - but you are right we work from the local folders. I use a WD MyCloud and think that might be where the problem lies…

Have a great day,

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