Stoxx 600 Ticker List

Dear Friends of AmiBroker,
i´m searching for a all 600 Stocks with the ticker Symbol für source (use amiqoute to download) of the stoxx 600 index.

do you have some ticker Symbols for me?

You would need to go to where you can find component list and and copy-paste symbols to Notepad, then add exchange suffix relevant to country as shown

Thank you for your help!

I couldn't download the full list from Stoxx website but if you create an account here*, you can download with one click.

Paste into Excel. Add a new column, fill it down with whatever the Yahoo suffix is, copy the two columns, paste to notepad++, search -> replace -> ... save as...

Import to AB via import wizard. Open AQ -> tools -> get tickers from AB.


I had to build it myself… no one was willing to share it….

email me and I'll send it to you: for some reason it says that .tls is not supported for upload here….

You can just paste it as text (use code tag </>). And .TLS can be uploaded but since you are just joined the forum you don't have enough access rights for uploads.