Straight Line in chart (short horizontal trend line)


I am wondering are there any way to make short horizontal trend line interactively in the chart. What I mean about this is:

  • using trend line tool
  • if use it as is, we have to carefully put the second spot to make it horizontal.
  • I am imaging that with pushing Shift/Ctrl, it will lock the y-axis coordinate before placing the second point


Draw the trend line
Double click it
copy Start Y to End Y

This is the same thing I thought too. As an alternative, he could use a rectangle with a height equal to a single line...
Anyway, the suggestion of using a combination of keys drawing short horizontal lines seems to me to be worth considering.

Click the trend line tool. Hold down the 'Y' key. Start drawing.

('X' does the same for vertical trend line).


@Chris25, thanks!

My bad... there is always something to learn: I should have searched the forum.

This feature is present in Amibroker since long time as referenced in this past thread.


Thanks @Chris25 finally found the feature.
Thanks @beppe for the referenced thread.

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