Strange actions when 'Base time interval' is 'Hourly'?

These are caused by data bugs.

Duplicate thread: for the same problem, Why?

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If you don't really understand some English, for example,
you cannot figure out the difference between two articles,
please let Google translation help you :sunglasses:, it is free!

Well , 2019/01/03 24:00:00 does not make any sense for me would be 2019/01/04 00:00:00

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@awilson, thank you very very much :heart: !!!!!!!

Firstly, I should thank you for your finding :sunglasses:
about such a tiny small bugs among my data.

Secondly, do you know
why data time "00:00:00" are always expressed as "00:30:00"
on the chart window (as the screenshot below) ?

Filtering and Trade Hours in


Intraday Tab at Preferences
Time compressed bars shows -

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