Strange crashing


The issue of VarSet( “X”, value) crashing was discussed previously … essentially that the first argument has to start with an Alpha character and contain alpha, digits and “_” only.

That was part of the problem.

I just found that VarSet( Symbol, Value) crashes when symbol is ONE character.
I created an ASCII input file with a few one character symbols and it crashed on first symbol.
I tried VarSet( “X” + Symbol, Value) and it worked OK.


If you do things like that VarSet(“C”, 0) then you are asking for trouble. VarSet is too powerful to be used without thinking. This is high-voltage function.

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Tomasz, sorry this response is not helpful to me.

What do you suggest we do with symbols that have only 1 character.


Use Prefix so it does NOT collide with built-in variables or other variables! It is obvious. Never ever use uncurated names as variable names. You can’t expect program to do all thinking for you. It is explained in the manual what variable identifier can be (scroll to “Identifiers”).

You either have POWERFUL program for THINKING people or TOY that protects you from everything and does not allow to do anything.

If you take a hammer you can use it to “nail the problem” or hurt yourself depending whenever you think what you are doing or not.

If you expect me to wrap all hammers with foam it is not going to happen because it will block ability to use the hammer at all