Strategy verification when using Equity()

I would like to use the current Equity level as one of the rules to dynamically control my position sizing for entry during different market environment. However, I am not able to validate whether the exact mechanism has been implemented as I would not be able to see the actual equity level during "Explore" window. Anyone might know where I should look for? Thanks.

Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

Thank you. Let me explain in more details and hope this helps:

  • what did you expect as a result?:
    I expect that I could see the actual portfolio equity level after I clicked the "Explore" function. Or is there other way that I could achieve similar outcome?

  • why do you need that to happen?:
    As for example, if today's equity level is down 5% from 5 days ago's equity level, I would like to decrease my scale-in proportion from 10% per stock to 5% per stock. However, it will be necessary for me to check whether I recorded my portfolio equity level correctly in order to avoid wrongly adjusted the scale-in proportion. Therefore, I will need to check it in "Explore".

  • what are the challenges?:
    I was not able to observe the daily portfolio equity level in "Explore".

Portfolio Equity is available as ~~~EQUITY symbol after backtest. You can use Explore or any other function to display it.
Please read this section of the manual:

Thanks Tomasz. But is that possible I could make use of the real time equity level during the for-loop backtesting instead of making use of the equity level data after the backtest.

"Real time" Portfolio-level equity while the backtest is ongoing is available in custom backtester (bo.Equity).

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