String format thousand point

In order to get the Draw Down chart in the report after doing a backtest, I have changed the original code from the Report Chart folder, but I would like to get the value in the chart with the comma as a separator of thousands values.

I know that with this line of code I get it,

Title = StrFormat("Drawdown = %.2f, Max. drawdown %.2f", DD, LastValue( MaxDD ) );

but for expample, If the number is 12535,25, I would like to get 12,535.25

Use NumToStr, it would add desired thousand separator for you

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Thank you very much @Tomasz !!!
Just to share how the final code would look like.

// Underwater Equity chart
// (C)2009
// Should be used only on ~~~EQUITY or ~~~OSEQUITY symbol

// Changing numbers format with comma separator of thousands values 

EQ = C;
MaxEQ = Highest( EQ );
DD = ( Eq - MaxEQ );
MaxDD = Lowest( DD );

Title = "Drawdown = " + NumToStr(DD, 1.2, True) + "Max. drawdown = " + NumToStr(LastValue( MaxDD ), 1.2, True) ;

SetGradientFill( GetChartBkColor(), colorBlue, 0 );

Plot( DD, "Drawdown ", colorBlue, styleGradient | styleLine );

Plot( MaxDD, "Max DD", colorRed, styleNoLabel );

SetChartOptions( 2, 0, chartGridMiddle );

if( Name() != "~~~EQUITY" AND Name() != "~~~OSEQUITY"  ) Title = "Warning: wrong ticker! This chart should be used on ~~~EQUITY or ~~~OSEQUITY only";