Study crossover and Exploration

How can I check if a Close is above a trendline/study in the Exploration?

re = Study("RE",GetChartID()); 
AddColumn( Close > re, "Study");

For some reason, it shows blank.

here you are.


and what is the price in this cross point?

Hello @shan

We can use ValueWhen() function to find the events

For example to find the bar close of this cross point BuyPrice= ValueWhen(Buy,Close);

Buy = Cross( Close, Study("RE", 1023) );

Filter =  1;  // or any other filter you like for output....  Filter = buy;
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indeed I am Looking for:
show in explorer page The"breakout" when candle, cross "resistance Trend" and closing price is uper than 10% price in cross.
or pass 10% by closing in Two day.
and it should hited previous major ceiling.SmartSelect_20200224-214959_MetaTrader%205

I was using rectangle study but could not find consistent signals across the program. What is the logic of rectangle study btw.
ASAIK, Rectangle must be breached from top/bottom if price is above/below respectively it to trigger the signals. But in my case it is not behaving in the same way.

To reproduce,
just compare a line study and rectangle study and you will find the difference in candle where it is generating signal