StyleOwnScale and position of price labels

The closest reply from @Tomasz that I found is here.

Unfortunately, with 6.43.1-64b that i'm checking, when there is significant price difference between active symbol and some other Foreign() plots, "some" labels are not visible. These are either relatively too large or small.

I am also using styleOwnScale, so in this context, is it possible to draw labels out of position more in line with the last price(or value) so they are horizontally aligned? ( ie. native AB plot style)
By out-of-position i mean the default price is sorted top-largest to smallest-lower down.

I somewhere saw a suggestion of manually draw low-level GFX labels but it would become clunky with the non-overlap logic and all the trickery behind the scenes that you have applied.

see the labels are away from the last close price of Foreign tickers

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