Suggest new categories

If you wanted to see any categories that are not already there, suggest them here

A few suggestions for Categories…

Suggest moving ‘IBController’ to a sub-category of 'Data Sources’
Suggest a separate category for AFL discussion

  • move AmiQuote into a sub-category of AFL
  • a sub-category for code sharing or snippets
    Suggest a “Tutorials” category where members can post their own How-To’s and Tutorials.
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Also a category for for people who offer Amibroker add-on products - data, software, books, courses, websites etc - to advertise. It would be great to have a central place to find all these services.


Thanks for the suggestions.

General logic behind categories is that
each AmiBroker product/program has its own category.
That is why IBController as automated trading interface has its category (it is not data source).

AFL discussion will be subcategory of AmiBroker

AmiQuote is a separate product and does not really belong to AFL

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Sorry, I meant to write ‘…move AFL Code Wizard into a sub-category of AFL’.

But if ‘AFL’ is a sub-category of AmiBroker, then perhaps ‘AFL Code Wizard’ could be a sub-category in there too.

We will eventually have tens of thousands of posts in the AmiBroker category. We will need a good way to search for topics of interest. There are some frequently recurring topics, like “ApplyStop”. I would like a way to tag posts with tags like “ApplyStop” or “multi-threading” if possible.

Applying tags to posts is already available.

I changed “AFL Code wizard” category to “AFL Programming”. The wizard is so easy to use that one can hardly see much discussion about, yet “AFL programming” category is likely to get most attention

I too think it would benefit the AmiBroker community if we had a category that was related to 3rd party products. That may include programmers, books, blogs, add-ons etc that are specifically related to AmiBroker.

I think it may help users (it has helped me) to find training, professional code writers, and it can help grow the AmiBroker community.

If Tomasz is concerned with advertising or spam, then all of these topics could be restricted to only this category that permits advertising, so forum users who are uninterested can simply ignore it.

I personally have nothing to sell and no financial connection with any such service.

If you want I can send you a list of such 3rd party providers.



Two more possible categories, or sub-categories:

  1. OLE Automation
  2. Enhancement requests

I think that AmiBroker is correct category.

I think one additional category would be Using the Site.

Things like how to get back to “Home” - click on the Logo - Community Forum

How to set User Preferences,
How to set Watching, Tracking, Notifications, …


Yes, seems like Discourse is so new that everybody needs to learn :slight_smile: but generally it is quite logically laid out.

I agree, and I think it should be called 'HELP!'
The only way I know to get to User Preferences is to type in:{username}/preferences/interface
BTW, replace {username} with your user name and no {} otherwise you will get::
Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private
If not for tuzo explaining it after I asked how to change background color, I never would have found it.
“Go to Profile->Preferences->Interface” is useless if you can’t get to Profile from within the forum.

That is because you are unfamiliar with forums. If you ever used any forum you would know that each user has profile and in that profile there are settings. You don’t need to use URLs to get to that. You just click on upper right icon with your avatar to get to your account. It is really not that difficult. Besides there is and help files and instructions for Discourse are there. I see no point in duplicating the same. We don’t need to suffer from “non-invented here” syndrome.

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I do not think we need entire category for help on using the site. A single topic would do. I placed such topic already in “New in Community” category.

3 posts were merged into an existing topic: How to use this site

I respectfully disagree.

This is the second forum that I am on that uses Discourse.

Since I use the information here ALOT, (i.e Read almost everything on the Yahoo Group), I need to know how this works, and can work for me.

Now if I was new to AmiBroker and the Discourse Forum, I would be LOST. It would be Frustrating, and I might not take the time to find out just how powerfull AmiBroker and AFL really are.

And coming to the forum does not mean that I know the software behind it, or where to find the help for it.

I assume that you like me, absorb a great deal of User Interface when doing research and setting things up. I doubt the average new AmiBroker user has anywhere near your level of “intuitive” and “logical” software experience.

Additionally, people (myself included) are LAZY. We want it all done for us. When we have to, we will look for the help.

So I think a detailed Help section would be appreciated and appropriate.

[End of minor and hopefully polite Tirade]



You can have as detailed help as you want in How to use this site thread in “New to Community” category. That is proper place for documenting site functions… The thread is already pinned to appear on top. Besides it is way easier and quicker to read one thread than dozens of different threads.

Creation of too many categories leads to chaos as people don’t know which category to choose when posting.

Right now I will refrain from creating new categories and see how things work. It is easier to create new category when time shows that it is really needed, then to delete categories.

Again, I will respectfully disagree on a couple of points.

  1. I would prefer a Help or How to use this site Category - not a Thread.
  2. I would prefer specific well defined Threads as opposed to a single all encompassing thread.

Reasoning (Opinion):

I prefer to find the information I want quickly, as opposed to having to scan through a long thread for the details I need.

Having well labelled Threads gives me the ability to quickly decide if I want to read it. An “All answers are Here” thread take more brain power and effort to search through… Especially if I don’t know the Tags and Search features on the site.

i.e. Having a new user try to find how to get an email for new entries in a category. Technically yes, it is (partly) in the “How to use this site” thread, but it will take a great deal of effort to figure out that you have to set the Watch feature in the Preferences of the Profile to get it to work. Where a Thread for just that would hopefully be seen/searched/found more easily.

That is just my opinion. I don’t have to maintain it like you do.

Nothing meant to offend, just offering my opinion on the useability.