Suggest new categories

New user is highly unlikely to search for anything. That is plain fact of life. If the information isn’t right before ones eyes it is lost. “How to use this site” topic is globally pinned, which means that for any new user (one who just entered the site or just created account) it is right before his/her eyes as a second topic in the list (right after "Welcome to Discourse) That is the only chance to have it read by anyone.

For the time being basic layout stays until there is more traffic. Thanks to everybody for the suggestions. Thread closed at least for now.

With regards to discussion on new categories

As this practical example shows even simplest category structure proves to be challenging. User posted question about AmiQuote in AmiBroker category (I corrected it already). Too many categories make no sense and that is why I am reluctant to create categories that nobody would use. Current simple structure will stay.