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On the forum, is there a section where we can make suggestions that the developers might consider implementing with future releases of AB?

Sorry if this has been addressed. I took a quick look around and couldn't find anything on this question


For feedback/suggestions there is section in members zone here

However, I would recommend searching the topic suggestion on the forum first, many times Tomasz shows it's already in Amibroker, a better way to do it or that is not really necessary/logical.

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I have repeatedly wondered what other users think about the current functionality and usefulness of the feedback center.

Looking at it, it seems that some options do not work (at least for my account):


so it is not easy to filter previous suggestions.

Moreover, the status of many suggestions is not rated or stale for a long time. Currently, two of the most voted items are marked as "Put on hold" and "Postponed" (this one originally submitted in 2006), so it is not clear if they are still considered for inclusion.

I know that in the meantime, AmiBroker has introduced many other significant improvements, including the adoption of this forum to communicate better and support customers.
However, I still think that it is probably time to reassess the feedback center's usefulness.

Furthermore, it seems that some of the recent improvements and additions to the software have somehow been generated by discussions in this forum (see QuickGfx, internet functions, etc.) rather than by requests posted in the feedback center.

For this reason, I like the idea of creating a new forum section for "suggestions".

In such a way, the proposals will be immediately exposed to all the active users of this community.

We could easily comment on other people ideas, vote them with likes, and also get direct feedback from the leading developer (@Tomasz) about features that are potential candidates for inclusion in a future release versus the ones that are not suitable (like the ones useful only for few users, unfeasible, too big to implement, etc.).
(Valuable ideas could then be inserted by the developer in a public, more functional, web based backlog for further reference and tracking).

Just my 2c.

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Forum cannot be used for suggestions because suggestions, implementation status and plans are considered "confidential" and for-members only. Forum is visible to general public including unregistered users and competition.

Also Feedback Center has features that are not available in Discourse (version tracking among others)

Yes some functionality was implemented without being present in Feedback Center. It was always like that. Years before Feedback Center started its existence I was adding new features too.
I have also internal to-do list that has thousands of features that are imagined by me, and they are NOT present on either Feedback Center or forum or anywhere else. Some of those features from my internal to-do list are likely to be done before anything else. QuickGFX was on that list long before this forum existence. It did not have that "fancy" name, but I planned to develop own faster graphic backend not for speed per se but for other things that I envisioned years before. Speed is just side effect and the forum thread was just a bit of extra motivation to "kill two birds with one stone". You haven't seen other "birds" yet :slight_smile: There are many features that are being developed and nobody except me has any idea of them.

The main purpose of Feedback Center now is to make people realize that their suggestions aren't the only ones in the universe and that the suggestion list is very long. Especially newbies tend to think that I have nothing to do and will jump right to implementing their own idea this very second they send it. I am not going to run out of ideas any time soon.

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Thanks for the reply Tomasz....surely the newbies aren't so naive as to think you don't have anything to do..... :laughing:

The transparency does help one understand just how much is involved.

Naive? Not. Demanding immediate action? Yes.

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Tom, Is there some way to make suggestions? As Beppe points out, it looks like the feedback center is not taking them, unless perhaps they are categorized as a bug etc?

Feedback Center IS taking suggestions as usual, so you can use it.

@Sean, in my previous post, I included the picture of the menu items that seem not working for users: it is impossible to filter the list, like separating issues from suggestions or seeing only the items posted by yourself. (Clicking on them, I get no results, i.e, an empty list).

New submissions, as stated above by @Tomasz, work as expected.

Since it can be inferred from his exhaustive answer that the Feedback Center will continue to be the primary tool for suggestions and issues reports in the future, IMO, it is desirable that at least the web interface is made more functional.

Unfortunately Feedback Center page is using open-source 3rd party code that stopped being actively developed some time ago. So there will be no enhancements to Feedback Center page itself in nearest time. I have way too many things on my plate to start yet another project. If you have something that requires immediate attention please write an email to support.

If you want to "discuss" something between other AmiBroker users - you can of course use forum. To allow to filter them later use suggestion tag. But please be reasonable. The idea of the forum is exchange of ideas between many users, not single direction requests.

I will not make any promises about adding something "just posted", because as I wrote - there are thousands of ideas waiting for implementation already.

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