Suggestion for "automatic-statement-completion"

I am afraid my bad English make you angry on previous post below:

I've read your link below carefully (printed it out as real papers then read) again:

I know AmiBroker is really perfect on many aspects.
here, I just give you my suggestion,
you have the right to consider it or not
(I respect you and your feeling).

As figure below, I use the original setting for Editor with [v]Immediate.
so I type 'plo' then Formula Editor showed a list of candidates,
and stayed on 'Plot' as figure below:
then I can press [Enter] to accept it correctly (really perfect).

My suggestion are:
Add two hot keys [ Space ] or [ ( ]
for "automatic-statement-completion"
to accept the option on the list of candidates,
for example, after I type 'plo'
then I can use [ Space ] or [ ( ]
to accept current option 'Plot' on the list of candidates.

These two hot keys can be found on Microsoft Visual studio,
and it is very convenient for programmer.

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Hello. And happy New Year.

I hope @alexlin I understood of what you asking for. For me this option already exist by Using AFL Code snippet.
For example we can type many different plots with different parameters in there.

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@Tomasz, @PanoS,
Happy New Year too :smiley:!

Every time I suggest a new function to Dr. Tomasz,
I will worry about it for many days,
and I am always afraid of knowing the answer from Dr. Tomasz,
sometimes my suggestion is too trivial (my bad),
but they are my real expectation or habits on using AmiBroker,
so, finally I always encouraged myself and posted it.

Panos, I think you, maybe, are not a English speaker,
so please copy and paste my article to Google translation,
then you will much more understand what I mean.

In this article, I suggest to add hotkeys for the list of candidates.
but every designer has her/his own principles of development,
so I cannot force any one to do any thing,
all I can do is giving my suggstion.