Suggestion or possible question combining amiquote with intra-day

I Purchased amiquote which works extremely well for EOD data. I'm still trying to figure out how to not have auto update quotes when I 1st open it, but that's not a big deal. My question , is there a way , or a possible future feature , to combine amiquote with intra-day data like interactive brokers. I know I can run 2 instances of amibroker which is great but I draw my support etc on daily charts and trade mostly in intra-day. If I could combine them somehow it would save real estate (monitor space) lol


If you're mixing EOD with intraday, then in DB settings, the base time interval should be the interval you use with IBKR, and the box "Allow mixed EOD/Intraday data" must be checked.

For the AQ symbols, mark each of them as "Use local database" in the Information panel. Then any real-time plugin won't try to get data for them, but you can always import data using AQ.

In Preferences / Intraday, the box "START time of interval (recommended" should be checked.

You'll have to maintain your own lists (as TLS files) of the symbols to update with AQ, because you won't be able to use the auto-update feature from AB, nor the "get symbols from AB" feature in AQ. But that's ok. You can just load your TLS file, and then update. This could be automated in JS also.

Mixing EOD with intraday data can be troublesome. Make sure you understand padding, alignment, and time compression because your EOD symbols will not have the same number of bars as the intraday ones, which can cause trouble if you want to use data from multiple symbols in a single formula. Also it can cause trouble with pulling data from higher timeframes (e.g. looking at a 1-hour chart and pulling a moving average from a daily chart). It's not as simple as it may seem, so make sure you read up and make backups of your DBs before making these changes, as you will not be able to undo them.

I have a mixed-mode 1-minute DB with intraday crypto data from Polygon.IO and also intraday data from IBKR. I have another one where I do the same with Polygon and IQFeed. It should work fine with EOD data although I haven't tried it, so test it out first on just a few symbols.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the info, a lot there, I’m going to try messing with it probably tomorrow or as soon as a I get a chance, I’ll probably start with coping my IB database, as a backup basically , I’m sure I’ll mess something up, it already has mix intraday eod checked then try to follow the AQ side of things, I’m not sure what TLS files are but will mess around a bit , assuming they are the stock list or stock with quotes but , when I poke around in AQ I’ll see if it makes more sense . I really only use the day weekly for my supply, demand zones and longer term trendlines. I like to put those in and if I can mix intraday it will be a huge help, instead of having additional charts or a note somewhere that tells me the levels then have to redo it on intraday…
Thanks a lot for the help

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