Summation of 2 charts

I'd like a chart of the All Market (USA) Advance-Decline line.
Is there a way of combining or creating a summation of the NYSE Cumulative and NASDAQ Cumulative Advance-Decline Lines?
Thanks :thinking:

@harryzehnwirth there are a couple of possibilities. some listed in this article,

A manual method for calculating from a Watch List

Or if you have the data in your data feed, this possibility

nyad = Foreign("#NYSEAD", "C"); // nyse
ndad = Foreign("#NASAD", "C"); // nasdaq

combo =(nyad + ndad) / 2;

A potential problem with all this may depend upon what you are trying to look at. Both the NYSE and the NASDAQ have listed issues that are not "common stocks". i.e. preferred shares, closed end funds (many of which are Fixed Income). That may or may not be what you want to quantify.

Also if you use your data source, it is worth finding out when the calculation for A-D Line begun. If it begins in the 1970's your total will be very different than if the counting began in the 1990's etc etc.

Worth considering, look for a AD Line based on common stocks (in this case based in the US) such as the Wishire 5000 or the Russell 3000. Just food for thought.