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Hallo fellow members I am totally new in AMIBROKER need AFL for scanning Stock touch or crosses Support or Resistance Line .
Ex: XYZ stock cmp is 1900 its support is at 1850 , 1827, 1806 and Resistance is at 1970,1988,1997 whenever stock touch or cross the value it will I will get sound alert
R1, R2,R3 and S1,S2,S3 will be variable I will change the value time to time , need the scanner for multiple stock .

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I am using trial version want to evaluate before purchase, how to verify my badge ?

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Try searching the site for SCAN, and also search in the Manual.

Will check back later to attempt to assist more.

@register1803 instead of using a variable, maybe, you could use "studies" (drawing your support and resistance lines and naming them appropriately).
See this KB article to learn how to detect a lime crossing and use it in a scan.
And, as suggested by @snoopy.pa30, please review also the manual/tutorial to get the basic of the scan (and/or exploration) operations and also how to create alerts.

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Sir I need to scan more than 90 stock at 3min interval , its not possible for me to monitor all i.e. I am looking for scanner or explorer .

I guess you are misunderstanding the solultion by beppe. You wrote in your first post "R1, R2,R3 and S1,S2,S3 will be variable I will change the value time to time", so you do change them manually. For this the "studies" come in handy: You have some ticker and define your support and resistance line and give them a "Study ID" like this:

In the manual is even an example for dropping below support Using studies in AFL formulas (

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Sir I need to scan/explore for support & resistance more than 50 stocks, how to do that ?

@ register1803, did you read the 3rd link in my previous post? And the relevant sections of the manual / tutorial (How to create your own exploration) ?

If you want to learn how to use AmiBroker, you should make a serious effort spending some time studying/reading documentation/examples, experimenting on your own.

But if you prefer a ready-made solution, you should contact some experienced user to develop it for you for a fee. In this case, some professionals are listed in this thread; by the way, there you can also find some additional resources to learn AmiBroker like this video course.


Answer: First try scanning/exploring the documentation for the tool you're attempting to use.


Probably the solution you are looking to scan is solved with the Donchian channels. The drawback you will find is that these are the resistances and supports in a given period, so you will not have the absolute supports and resistances of the entire history identified today. As you will see, they change as the moving period progresses.
If you wanted to determine the historical supports and resistances you would have to use static variables.
In case it can help you, I share this simple code that determines them.
Of course, if you consult the manual, you will see how you can easily perform the scans you need for the values you want.
Follow the rest of the answers you've been given to get up to speed on using AB.

periodoMax = Param ("period Max", 52, 1, 500, 1);
periodoMin = Param ("period", 52, 1, 500, 1);
maxi = HHV (Close, periodoMax);
minim = LLV (Close, periodoMin);
r1 = ParamColor ("Color Max", colorGreen);
r2 = ParamColor ("Color Min", colorRed);
r3 = ParamStyle ("Style", styleLine + styleThick + styleDashed);
Plot (maxi, "Max", r1, r3 );
Plot (minim, "Min", r2, r3 );


AB is VERY POWERFUL. But with that power, it takes some effort for you (and us) to control it. The best way to get there is to start small and build up your skills.

So how can you breakdown your target goal into smaller chunks, and work on each one, until you build up your skills to get what you want..

The things I see (or would do) are:

  1. Play with the Hand Drawn Studies ( as shown by @RioL). Make sure you name/label it.
  2. READ and re-read the following link until you understand it:
  3. Learn about Watchlists
  4. Combine your watchlist with Scan
  5. Learn about running your scan on your 3 minute interval

Since you have not posted any code, we have no idea about what you have done or attempted. As you can see, we are essentially guessing as to what you need to learn or work on.

So, for the best results (of us helping you), work on a single part of the process that you are having difficulty with, figure out what you think should be happening, show us what is happening in your code, and tell us what you need help with. The more specific you are, the more directed our answers can be.

The learning code on AB can be steep, but the reward is access to it's wide array of functionality and power.


Some additional tips can be found in this thread: